The effect of change

Countries across the world have been shut down and closed off, forcing its citizens to adapt to a different life during a global pandemic.


Preparing for the worst. Healthcare workers are readying themselves to test for the coronavirus. COVID-19 had quickly taught professionals facts that could be used in future outbreaks.

Lyndie Donner

COVID-19 is the first virus that has caused a pandemic in 100 years, and with it comes many challenges current generations have yet to face. Before the idea of a global pandemic, lives varied from person to person according to jobs and families, not by where they went or people they came into contact with.


Due to the current pandemic situation, citizens have been urged to remain indoors and practice social distancing in hopes to slow the spread of COVID-19. These orders alone have caused major unrest within the human population and, like other restrictions due to COVID-19, has led to several peaceful protests across the nation. In some states, police officers have the power to fine or arrest a citizen who does not follow the rules of social distancing. Some citizens defy these orders and leave their homes, posing a threat to themselves and anyone they are around.


A large number of students during this time have also been required to either homeschool or have chosen to stay home in fear for their health. This has changed the way students learn while giving them an entirely different environment to learn in. Being taught from home also allows students to learn at their own pace and gives them the opportunity to divide up what they learn, and when.


While many stores have closed, larger stores, such as Walmart, keep open. In places across the country, there have been many restrictions pertaining to the stores, such as how many people can be inside at a time and how many cartons of eggs a person can buy. These restrictions have caused some families to have a smaller amount of food as well as other items compared to where it has been in the past while also causing citizens to take out a larger part of their day to spend shopping. 


The CDC has worked hard to warn and protect the United States while attempting to keep life as normal as possible. Despite the effort, life has changed in drastic ways due to the current global pandemic.